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Scope Of Application

This privacy policy solely applies to all products of WosomTech corporation, with a principal place of business at 99A Boulevard Constantin Descat, 59200 Tourcoing, France. Hereby all visitors and users of WosomTech products – hereinafter “user” – are informed about the handling of data, in particular the extent and purpose of the elicitation of personal and other data.

Personal data is information that helps to determine any natural person, thus, information that can be traced back to a certain natural person. These include but are not limited to name, email address, postal address or telephone number.

WosomTech is obliged to protect the privacy of all its users. Personal data will only be collected, used and shared, if it is legally permitted or if the user has agreed to the use of data. WosomTech assures that personal data will only be processed and used in accordance with the data protection laws of France and solely for the purposes defined under the following paragraphs.

Collection Of Data

In general, it is not necessary to provide personal data in order to use the services offered by WosomTech.

Personal data is only collected, if the user voluntarily shares it with WosomTech. Personal data is collected by WosomTech in the context of registration for the services of WosomTech; they are stored and processed on servers of WosomTech that are located within France.

Collection of personal data during registration and use

During the process of registration for the use of the provided services, WosomTech alternatively stores and processes the following personal data:

Beyond registration, WosomTech does not collect any personal data during the use of the service as far as the user does not provide them voluntarily.

The user gives his consent to the collection of personal data within the scope of the registration and to the use described as followed by clicking the button “Register” at the end of the registration process.

Collection of personal data provided by the user

The user may provide further personal data by filling an online form. In this context, WosomTech collects, stores and processes the following personal data:

Use and processing of personal data

Personal data are collected, stored and processed for the purpose of providing WosomTech ‘s services, for inherent services, for the technical administration, especially for registration and in order to identify the user in the context of the login, for the allocation of the user’s account as well as for marketing purposes. Personal data will only be transferred or otherwise transmitted to any third party, if it is necessary for the purpose of providing services or billing or if the user previously has explicitly given his consent.

Storage of images and files during usage

Beyond that, WosomTech stores and processes data voluntarily uploaded by the user during the use of WosomTech 's services, such as

The images and files will be stored on WosomTech ‘s servers. Any transfer or other transmission to any third party will only be made by the user himself, for example by sharing or posting in social media platforms. WosomTech has no influence on the data processing by those social media platform providers.

Regarding 3D models, WosomTech may use them for research purposes. The related files will be anonymized and processed without any relation to personal data. While the user keeps ownership on his own data, WosomTech owns any data that may be generated as a result of its research experiments.

Usage and processing of personal data for marketing purposes

Beyond the purpose of providing services, WosomTech uses the collected and stored personal data in order to communicate with the user about his orders, certain products or marketing measures and in order to recommend products that the user may be interested in.

The user regularly receives product recommendations via email. By this means, the user shall get access to information about WosomTech products that may interest him on the basis of his last purchase.


WosomTech places so-called cookies that are necessary for WosomTech 's services. Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer and which your browser stores. Cookies do not contain personal data. Beside others they serve the purpose to verify the user’s authority for the request of the desired article or for online services, and to store the user's input on our website (login session cookie, shopping basket cookie, security cookie). After closing your web browser, most of the cookies WosomTech uses will be deleted from the user's hard disk ("session-cookies"). The so-called "permanent cookies" remain on the user's computers, devices and enable WosomTech to identify him on his next visit.


The user explicitly agrees to the usage of cookies by WosomTech and collection, storage and use of usage data for marketing purposes of onsite- and re-targeting. The user further agrees to data storage in cookies for longer than the browser session and a recall of them during his next visit.

Prevention from Cookies

The user has the opportunity of preventing the storage of cookies on his computer by making appropriate changes to his browser settings which however may limit the functionality of the offer. Users can deactivate the storage of cookies on their browser, limit the storage to only certain websites or make setting so that the browser will notify them before a cookie is stored. Users can delete cookies from their hard disk at any time by using the data protection functions of their browser. In this case, the functionality and user-friendliness of WosomTech products could be limited.

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