For the professionals in architecture and interior design and furniture, who wish to simplify their tasks (taking measurements, estimate, 3D projection of the expected result), EasyBuild is a complete computer solution (hardware, Mobile application, web application) that provides a digital and innovative toolbox using advanced 3D scan and augmented reality technologies. Unlike current tools (laser rangefinders, 3D modeling software, mock-ups), EasyBuild makes it possible to have access to all the functionalities in the same tool, and on site, in real time.​

EasyBuild is using the Google Tango technology. It is available on Lenovo PHAB2PRO and soon on other devices.​

​EasyCloud allows you to save, store and share projects between the application EasyBuild and the website. A user can create his own library of 3D models or textures in his private area for use on the EasyBuild application using the webservice.

​You can define different project by using EasyBuild. Each project has several scans.


An architect wants to renovate a house for his client. He starts to create the project based on several information (address, description etc). With EasyBuild he will be able to scan each room of the house or create rooms with the option WhiteRoom.

The scan is a part of a project, it contains all the following information:

  • 3D model scanned by Easybuild

  • Modifying element structure

  • Modifying items by adding texture or items from the library

  • Screenshots. Preview of the 2D plan and JPG

​To start scanning, press "SCAN" to load the module. As this is your first scan, you may be asked for new permission. It is necessary to accept them to allow an optimal use of the application. In addition, you will have access to a brief tutorial. It is strongly recommended that you look at them before you start.

Once it is done, follow the instructions to start scanning.

You can edit a plan if necessary. To do so, open the toolbox by pressing the “setup” icon which is on the left side of the screen.

Then, you can use the edition tool of the floor plan. Yellow dots will appear. You can select one by pressing the point once. You can then move it to the exact location of your choice.

Remember to press once on each point you want to change to select it.

Press "BUILD" on the homepage of your scan. The application then tells you that EasyBuild examines the room to recognize it.

When this is your first BUILD experience, a tutorial is provided. Follow it. Then you can start the experiment by selecting a piece of furniture from the library.​

In the BUILD section, it is now possible to switch to a VR visualization mode. The real elements of the room are then completely hidden and only the virtual elements are visualized. It is then possible to modify the texture of the surfaces.​

In the BUILD section, click on the "Wall" icon at the top right of the screen ; a list of textures appears on the right side of the screen. All you have to do is choose one and then select the wall / floor.​

The first ever pro application suite using Lenovo Phab 2 Pro smartphone or Google Tango Project

Our solution is under development, we are looking for professionals using it in various situations.

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